Our Dogs


Today we have two weimaraners, Titus & Nordic, living by us.

Nordic is our import from Greydove Kennels in Australia and Titus is from Classic Dream’s Kennel in Sweden.

Both dogs are very loving and dear members of our family.

Svch Sv-02 Sv-05 Sv-07 Greydove Nordic Liaison “Nordic”

E: AmCh/AusCh Nani N Greydove Millenium Bug
U: Greydove Chantilly Lace

Svch Classic Dream’s Jumbo “Titus”

Text Box: E: Chester von Fenriswolf
U: AusCh JUWW-98 Sv-99 NORDV-00 FINV-01 Feldjaeger All the Rage